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The Importance of Using your Entire Squad in Soccer


A common experience follows the tail end of careers for just about every soccer player who has enjoyed the sport.  Their skills decline, they find a warm spot on the bench, and never get opportunities again.  In remorse they come to terms with their time being up and leave the […]

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Shameful Form Continues for Baffled Manchester United


It’s one thing to stumble out of the English Premier League gates with a loss, which is what happened to Manchester United when they lost the first game of the season to Swansea City.  Nerves, a new manager, heavy legs, and the recovery of many star players used in the […]

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Can You Fool the Referee in Soccer?


While such methods of the dark arts are frowned upon by media critics and the majority of fans (especially those from the opposing team), there are many players that try to fool the referees during soccer games.  The transgressions range from the simple act of writhing on the floor after […]

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Big Transfers Closing Out the Window in European Soccer Leagues


With the hot month of August quickly waning away, the ticking clock of the summer transfer window slowly winds down.  The reality is that in one week’s time, every European club roster will be set in stone.  Now is the time to make those last minute transfers, and we’ve already […]

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What is the Best Position in Soccer for You?


The soccer field is a rather large space, and it comes with 11 different positions for the 11 players represented on the field at any given time.  While exploring the different areas of the game is certainly beneficial to youngsters just getting started with the game, by your teenage years […]

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Opening EPL Weekend Continues Right Where It Left Off Last Season


Anyone expecting great change and a new shape of the English Premier League this year will have been rather disappointed by the way the action shaped up on the first weekend of the season.  While there was a surprising number of away teams that got results, most of the big […]

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Does Passion and Intensity Really Help Soccer Players Win?


During the pregame rituals of most sports, a sort of tribal occurrence takes place.  Players begin jumping up and down, often within a tight circle, getting one another riled up and building up an intense passion for the athletic display forthcoming.  But while such antics make sense in the more […]

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Who Will Win the English Premier League this Season?


August is progressing by smoothly and that means one thing:  the major European leagues are set to begin play again, and that beckons the return of our favorite show, the English Premier League!  High paced, physical, and full of entertaining action, the EPL is the world’s most popular soccer league […]

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Does Someone on Your Soccer Team Have a Nose for Goalie?


One of the difficulties in coaching youth soccer is the position of goalie.  For some reason, many kids absolutely loathe the position.  It seems so constricting, so limiting.  The goalie stands all alone, never to score a goal, and often bearing the responsibility of keeping the team afloat.  Goalies are […]

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Get Ready for the “Big 5” Era of the English Premier League


For most of the last decade of soccer in the EPL, there was a “Big 4” unit that was separate from all the rest.  The famous teams of Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal all dominated the league and routinely earned all those vital UEFA Champions League spots in the […]

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