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How to Be a Team Leader in Soccer


Every team needs a leader, and having such a person on your team can often make the difference late in a game.  Remember when Landon Donovan helped the United States Men’s National team qualify from their 2010 World Cup group with a late game-winning goal against Algeria?  That was the […]

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Who Will Star at the World Cup and Earn the Golden Ball?


At every World Cup of soccer there is always that one incredible player who hits a hot streak of form and steals the show.  At South Africa 2010 it was Diego Forlan, whose long range blasts and overall command of the game was simply astounding.  4 years earlier at Germany […]

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How to Handle Making a Big Mistake in a Soccer Game


It happens!  If you play enough soccer you will one day find yourself in the role of the goat, having blown a game or made a disastrous error that led to an opponent scoring a goal.  Perhaps your reckless foul or handball awarded the other team a PK.  Maybe you […]

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Real Madrid Running Away With La Liga Title in Spain


It’s hard to suggest that any team with a 3-point lead in professional soccer league is “running away” with a title, but such is the precision and tightness required to win in Spain’s La Liga.  Because the league is annually dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona, any time one of […]

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Matches Growing in Stature for FA Cup 6th Round Quarterfinals


The magic of the FA Cup is continuing through the New Year, and already several of the major teams have been booted from the competition.  Because of its simple knockout formula, the tournament is always a joy to watch and provides some of the most entertaining soccer of the year, […]

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Help Your Soccer Team Develop Bonds and Friendships


Especially at the youth level of soccer, it can be difficult for players to make friends with one another.  Often shy around the ages of 6 or 7, players sometimes haven’t really developed the social skills necessary to make good friends.  Nevertheless, as a soccer coach, you will definitely want […]

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Soccer Coaching Should Be Rewarding, Laid Back, and Fun


One thing that is often lost for coaches in the midst of demanding wins and hard effort from their team is that they need to simply relax and enjoy the game.  While you will constantly hear about how young soccer players need to be nurtured and positively enforced to get […]

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Foot and Ball Skills are the Most Important Things to Teach to a Soccer Player


While there may be a feeling that you need to be teaching your soccer players all the tactical aspects of the game and other random skills like how to defend corner kicks or take penalty shots, by far the most important skill to learn in soccer is ball skills with […]

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What Should a Coach Say During Halftime of a Youth Soccer Game?


The halftime break is very critical for any youth soccer player.  Hopefully with orange slices galore, the players will have a nice break to catch their breath and there will be some time to regroup and think about how to approach the second half of a game.  Since that second […]

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Champions League Returns! Who Will Progress to the Quarterfinals?


While the recent mega snow storm may have brought winter afresh and right back into your life, spring is on the way, and with it returns Europe’s most exciting soccer club competition: the UEFA Champions League!  Besides the World Cup, this tournament feature the highest profile games that many professional […]

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