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How To Make Success in Soccer Through a Whole Team Effort


In youth soccer, I’ve found that the best team is usually the one that has the best single player.  You know this kid:  He’s the one that repeatedly takes the ball and runs past your entire team en route to scoring 6 goals and notching 3 assists in a 9-0 […]

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How Can You Push a Young Soccer Player to Become an Impact Sub?


No player likes to be a substitute in soccer.  The best players typically start the games, giving them the best opportunity and time to make impact plays and score goals.  Thus, they basically get to have all the fun, while substitutes spend a great amount of time on the bench, […]

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The Top 5 Soccer Clubs In Europe at the Moment


Although the Champions League will certainly do a good job of determining which team is the best in Europe, so much of that tournament is left up to fate: an awkward bounce that leads to a tragic goal, or a horrendous refereeing decision that can ruin any team’s hopes.  Such […]

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How to Avoid Giving Up a Handball Foul


The handball foul is usually a minor one, but it can be an absolute disaster if it occurs in your team’s penalty box.  One of the most dreadful ways in which to concede a penalty kick, a game can quickly be lost if someone carelessly lets the ball touch their […]

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Soccer Team Wins the Game


Once a soccer game begins, many players throw everything that they have learned about soccer out the window.  With the pace and intensity in a game, who can remember when they shouldn’t pass backwards, or how to focus on a defender when they are sprinting at you?  When a game […]

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Are Fancy Soccer Moves Really Useful in a Game?


Soccer jugglers and tricksters delight the eyes of viewers during commercials and other promotional soccer events.  Likewise, awesome Youtube videos depicting players like Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo performing incredible ball trick skills also soar through the web.  But are all these nifty little tricks actually that useful in a soccer […]

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Will Liverpool Be an EPL Contender this Season?


If the English Premier League season were to end today, your champions would be…Liverpool?  Currently the only team sitting atop the league with 3 wins from 3 matches, including a thrilling victory over last season’s champions, Manchester United, has Liverpool finally ended their 5 years of suffering with a title […]

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When Should a Goalkeeper Attack?


In the famous North London derby this past weekend between English Premier League clubs Arsenal and Tottenham, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris played a vital role.  Although he was beaten for the game’s lone goal that gave Arsenal a 1-0 victory, Lloris made several brilliant moves that kept Tottenham in the game […]

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Gareth Bale Moves to Real Madrid in Record Transfer as the Madness Comes to a Close

The transfer window slams shut tonight! - (Photo:

The transfer window is finally set to slam shut later today, which will leave soccer clubs worldwide unchanged until the next window opens again in the new year, giving fans several months of peace.  But my oh my have we been busy!  Teams are ready to finalize transfers as the […]

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Do Referees Have too Much Control In a Soccer Match?


Blaming the referee is a consistent excuse for soccer teams that lose, ranging from U-7 Recreational matches to high profile World Cup matches.  It seems that the opposing team cannot really beat you; it all comes down to the referee.  But is that statement a bit childish and simply the […]

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