Be Your Soccer Team’s Hero & Get (Somewhat) Famous!

At TotallySoccer, we consider ourselves super lucky people. Our job is to help create fun for soccer teams. As a company, our goal is to be easier, cheaper and faster, so teams can focus on the real work: getting on the field for their games. Since we sell direct all over the country, we rarely get the chance to see our teams in action and the excitement of pulling on your soccer jerseys. I mean, we see them get bundled up like a Christmas present and shipped out with UPS, but we miss that on-field thrill.

It’s always a joy to open our inbox and receive a great team shot – like this one below! It gets passed around our office faster than Barcelona moves the ball around the field. Thanks goes out to Kevin Joda in Wisconsin who sent in this opening weekend photo of his team in their H23 soccer jerseys. The fun is evident (even look at the coaches) after their victorious 3-0 win. This is what soccer should be all about!

One Happy Soccer Team

Does your team have a photo? Action shots? We would love to see them and post them online! Send them in and your team will become (somewhat) famous…alright, we’ll maybe we’re slightly overstating the importance. But it does make us smile.


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    How can a photo like that not make you smile? It’s always great to see a team so well bonded and obviously love what they do!