Coach your Youth Soccer Team to Camaraderie

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A big part of winning for any soccer team, whether it is a U-8 youth team or Bayern Munich, comes down to the camaraderie between all the players.  Teams need to have a special bond between everyone on the field in order to be dominant and win on a consistent basis.  A strong direction and positive energy within the squad helps a soccer team in many ways: players care more for each other, they try harder, and they find special ways to win, while teams full of selfish guys who are only interested in personal glory tend to falter and crumble.  This is why team sports are so special in our world, because people must come together and form a bond in order to succeed; a message that can overlap in many life lessons beyond sports as well.

When players care for each other, great things can happen.  Players make runs to find open space, and the ball handler will see them and send the ball over to them.  Or, if someone is jammed against the sideline, a defender will come from behind and offer an outlet.  This way, your team can be better at maintaining possession and finding ways to keep the ball in motion.

Also, the players will try harder for each other.  When a soccer player cares for his or her teammates, they put in that extra effort to fight for that header when defending a corner, or they will make that final pass to their teammate to set them in on the goal instead attempting the audacious personal effort.  You want your players to “click”, and team camaraderie helps foster that.

Lastly, having a special team bond can make spectacular plays occur.  Players who gel with each other eventually develop an instinctual knack for understanding their teammates’ traits.  Players may one day orchestrate brilliant back-heel passes to one another or organize a special passing sequence that breaks down opponents and results in an open shot on goal.  When teams create a “wow” moment, there is usually a strong camaraderie between the players.

So how can a coach encourage such an interaction between their players?  Coaches need to foster camaraderie by praising smart plays and helping the players to become close to one another.  Be sure to compliment and persuade your players to work hard on smart passing plays and displays of great teamwork.  Few players actually have the ability to take on an entire team by themselves, but a great team can beat anyone when they play their own game.

Another solid way to promote camaraderie within your soccer team is to help foster friendships.  Be sure to orchestrate fun, off-the-field events like ice cream socials or taking the team to a high school or professional soccer game.  These events take pressure off of the players and enable them to simply hang out and bond.  When your soccer team develops friendships, they play harder and better with each other.  Be sure to help your team’s players develop a strong trust and camaraderie with each other and watch them click and make great plays come game day!



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