Definitely Something Funny in the Air

Soccer definitely presents great opportunities to be amazed and inspired by wonderfully brilliant play. And, yes, sometimes soccer becomes entertaining simply because players do funny things. I guess it’s just called life…capturing moments of unfortunate entertainment from time to time. Let’s just say this video shows there is definitely something funny in the air from time to time in matches. Among some highlights:

  • Social icons have long been advised to portray good manners, you know like keeping your nose clean.
  • Recent TV ads will tell you, anytime of the day can turn romantic, and I say even on the field of play.
  • Soccer is a well known contact sport, and the officials are a part of the game.
    From experience, I agree that you never know how fast a ball is moving until it goes past you, and then it’s a race to the goal line.
  • When you make a save, you beat your chest. But, be certain that you actually make the save.

And, I’m still shaking my head: How did Ibrahimovic miss from about a yard out?