Fortress Goalie Jersey Unveiled to Support Breast Cancer

Missus F Tending Goal

A great aspect of a small business is that we’re really nimble. There’s no “pushing it up the ladder” and “market testing” ideas. When something “feels right”, we’re able to make it happen from scratch. From concept to implementation, we’re usually faster than a few clicks of a mouse. Today is no exception.

Last Fall, Harold’s mum, Margaret, succumbed to cancer after a valliant and inspiring 5 year battle. She was someone who never let cancer stop her as she continued her pursuits without hesitation. In fact, the last time I was personally with “Missus F”, she was playing goalie during a mean ball hockey session on the back deck with her grandson, Hudson and me. Much to my chagrin, her competitive energy and magnificent goaltending won the day for them, as usual.

Today, we’d like to unveil a new color in the “KPR” called, “The Fortess.” This is a play on Margaret’s last name, Fortis. We will be donating $10 from the sale of every Fortess Goalie Jersey to support Breast Cancer research. We hope you’ll support this awesome cause – and get a great looking goalie jersey too!

Buy the Fortress Keeper Jersey & Save us from Cancer!


  • Ashley

    What a great tribute to a great woman and family!