How Soccer Can Help a Youngster Lose Weight

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Everyone knows that childhood obesity is a major problem in this country.  With sugar-filled candies and cereals that get devoured daily, and with a diet based heavily on meat-eating and processed foods, it is no wonder that a very high amount of our young population are struggling to keep off the belly fat.  But amongst other things like diet, soccer can be a great tool to help a youngster stay active and get fit.

The best part of soccer is that it forces a child to run around a lot.  Constant running will greatly help to reduce fat and improve your muscles.  The importance of being active for a child is massive, and with a sport like soccer you get to benefit from such actions.

While games offer a chance to run about the field and really play the game, practice is often the time when a young player runs the most, with warm-up jogs of importance and various drills made to help keep the blood flowing.  Encourage your kid to play hard and train hard so that they can shed the pounds.  Of course, running can be a major challenge for an overweight kid (especially one who doesn’t stay active), but it will enable them to help their life.  While they will certainly be huffing and puffing in the first several practices and games, you will be surprised at how quickly they will be able to run through the entire game and keep up their intensity.

The other benefit about joining a soccer team to lose weight is the occurrence of who they associate with.  Most soccer players are quite skinny.  The more a kid engages with thinner people, the more likely their body will eventually slim down.  The presence of associating with thin people will not only expose their overweightness to a fat person themselves, but will encourage them every day to lose weight.  It may take a year or two for a husky kid to lose the extra weight, but you will certainly see the progress and be happy for it when they do become thin.

Lastly, to really lose weight, one must make an alteration to their diet.  This is the hardest part about getting in shape and one that most people like to ignore.  However, you will be amazed at what you can do if you change your diet.  Here are a few simple tips: stop eating sugar and stop eating meat.  These two items roughly account for all the obesity in the world.   Now, before you get alarmed switch to another webpage, do realize that you can make these changes slightly.  You don’t have to go vegan to diet!  Perhaps instead of eating 3 servings of meat per day, try eating just one.  Or instead of eating an entire back of Starbursts every day, try to limit yourself to just a handful.  Stop drinking soda.  Drink water instead or orange juice.  This can of course be very difficult to enforce and keep up with, but a disciplined person really can help their weight through dieting.

Nevertheless, a great place to start in weight loss is through the sport of soccer.  By forcing a youngster to run, associating wit other thin kids, and by making slight adjustments to one’s diet, you can help shed those extra pounds and be on the way to a healthy and fit lifestyle!  Join a soccer league today!


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