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How to Close out a Soccer Victory


The game of soccer places a premier emphasis on winning, as does just about every other competitive game on the face of the Earth.  But as glorious as winning a soccer game can be, a defeat is equally painful and demoralizing.  Nobody likes to lose in soccer, and losses can […]

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Winning Soccer Teams Typically Play with Great Teamwork


There is no “I” in team.  Although the resounding cliché is well known by most young athletes, there are still a great number of players who try to run the game as a solo effort, and usually fail greatly in those attempts.  Teams that play the best soccer are usually […]

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Did Brazil Complete their Masterful Renaissance a Year Early?


It has all the makings of an incredible sports movie masterpiece.  Amid political turmoil and large-scale protests on the streets, the Brazilian soccer team claimed the world’s biggest trophy, for their people, by defeating the world’s best team in stunning and dominating fashion.  Brazil thumped Spain yesterday and handed the […]

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Always Keep an Eye Open for Goals in Soccer


One thing that sometimes gets lost in young soccer players’ heads amidst all the focus on passing, movement, ball control, and teamwork is the simple fact that soccer is about scoring goals.  A team can dominate an entire game but fall asleep in one single moment, and give up the […]

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Confederations Cup Builds Excitement and Fears for 2014 World Cup


There’s a relatively minor international soccer tournament going on in Brazil these days.  In preparation of the world’s biggest soccer tournament that will take place next year in Brazil (the 2014 World Cup), the nation is now hosting a mini-tournament of 8 soccer teams as a sort of dress rehearsal […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Play Physical Soccer


When children select the sport of their choosing, soccer is sometimes seen as the soft option.  Compared to the overly-aggressive game of American football, where players smash into each other in brazen displays of strength, soccer is more about artistry and delicacy, while players who engage in hard tackles and […]

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USA Has Brazil World Cup in their Sites


June has become a very successful month for the American Men’s National Soccer team.  After a frightening loss in a friendly against Belgium in late May, the team resurrected a strong and exciting response to defeat Germany.  Since then, the confidence inspired from that victory has pushed the team to […]

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Practice Soccer Like You Play a Game


In trying to understand how professional soccer star become so great, many people have surmised that talent alone does not lead to success.  What results in soccer players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Gareth Bale is deliberate practice.  It’s not enough to just head outside with a soccer ball […]

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Be Happy When You Play Soccer


A great life lesson to learn is to be happy in everything you do.  Many people don’t understand this aspect of living and are often totally focused on their lofty long-term aspirations, which leads to a constant frustration with their current situation and a generally unhappy disposition.  Such an attitude […]

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Tips for Passing the Soccer Ball Back to Your Goalie


For outfield soccer players, there are times when none of your teammates are presenting a decent outlet for a pass.  You can do one of several things in these moments.  You can heave the ball downfield in the hopes a teammate latches onto it (although the more likely scenario is […]

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