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How to Make Your Soccer Team a Group of Impact Players


One of the most important qualities of a soccer player is their ability to make an impact.  Sure passing backwards can help you keep possession, but you want players that know how to drive the ball forward successfully and create goal-scoring chances.  These are the soccer players that grow up […]

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EPL Relegation Battle Going to Be a Thrill, Like Always


For life at the bottom of the English Premier League, the final few weeks can be a thrilling period of nervy matches, exciting victories, hard-fought draws, emotional bursts of relief, or the ultimate sinking of despair.  Welcome to the annual relegation battle.  What makes European soccer leagues so enthralling is […]

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How to Select a Soccer Team Through Tryouts


For young soccer players, one of the toughest things to experience is the tryout.  Yes, you want to just relax and play to the best of your abilities, but the pressures surrounding getting chosen or not can make these tryouts a very stressful event.  For soccer coaches the process can […]

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5 Ways to Make Youth Soccer Fun


When it comes to coaching youth soccer, there really needs to be just one major concern taken care of:  the game must be fun for the players!  It doesn’t matter whether they win or lose.  Sure, you still want to teach the team in the best manner possible and help […]

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Clint Dempsey Starting to Show Signs of Life, Former Self


Ever since Clint Dempsey’s famous move back to the MLS last summer, fans have been largely disappointed by his overall drop in form.  Long gone seemed his days of glory, when he could be counted on to score a tremendous goal or make an impact play.  Even a loan move […]

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PSG Earn First Major UEFA Champions League Victory against a Contender


The new fad in European soccer is for billionaire investors to inject their personal funds into constructing a top team.  The most recent of these “projects” has taken place in Paris, where PSG came under the ownership of the Qatar Investment Authority in 2011.  Since then, the French team has […]

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Balancing Fun with Getting Down to Business as a Soccer Coach


Coaching at the youth level can be a very rewarding experience.  Organizing a team of young soccer players can help you learn a ton about the game, and a ton about young children as well.  Most of all, it can be a lot of fun!  But any leadership role comes […]

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Blues Successfully Complete Takeover of Manchester


From the moment the first whistle blew at Old Trafford yesterday, the siege was on.  The Blues of Manchester City have suffered for 30-odd years as the lesser club in Manchester, while the Red Devils of Manchester United have piled on trophy after trophy and dominated the town from a […]

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How to Handle a Soccer Referee in a Youth Match


Oh, those pesky referees!  You never know what kind of nonsense they might pull next.  One sliding tackle is met with a strict yellow card and another is completely let go without even a whistle!  Linesmen often get important offside decisions wrong, and they may even punish a player through […]

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How to Be a Team Leader in Soccer


Every team needs a leader, and having such a person on your team can often make the difference late in a game.  Remember when Landon Donovan helped the United States Men’s National team qualify from their 2010 World Cup group with a late game-winning goal against Algeria?  That was the […]

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