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UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Preview


Although these matches are still several months away, the UEFA Champions League draw occurred this morning, and we now know who will play who when the tournament returns.  For 8 teams, this will be the end of the line for their European soccer dreams, yet for the victors, they will […]

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How Can You Become the Best Goalkeeper for Your Soccer Team?


Playing goalie can actually be the most difficult and challenging position in the sport of soccer.  Some games you won’t have to make a single save, while in others you will be leaping left and right in desperation trying to block shot after shot.  Additionally, the reality of being the […]

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2014 World Cup Draw Makes Life Difficult for America in Brazil


On Friday, the 32 teams involved in the World Cup learned their fate for the group stage.  As the draw commenced, the picture for American soccer drew graver and graver as we were paired with several teams of high distinction.  While the American presence in Brazil may be a short […]

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How Soccer Can Help a Youngster Lose Weight


Everyone knows that childhood obesity is a major problem in this country.  With sugar-filled candies and cereals that get devoured daily, and with a diet based heavily on meat-eating and processed foods, it is no wonder that a very high amount of our young population are struggling to keep off […]

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How To Handle Playing Soccer With an Injury


The inevitable concern with any competitive sport is injury.  Whether it’s something as light as a knee bruise, or as terrible as a torn ACL, soccer is a sport that often requires a player to spend time out on the sideline, and can even force players to have to play […]

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Tips for Shooting the Ball from Distance


During the typical soccer match, many players will at some point attempt the glorious long-range shot.  Although highlight reels are filled with such screeching efforts blasting into the net, the chances of these efforts becoming goals are extremely low.  Additionally, the lost opportunity to pass or run into a better […]

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UEFA Champions League Group Stage Coming Down to the Wire


Make no mistake about it, the UEFA Champions League is the marquee tournament for football clubs in Europe, and possibly around the world with it massive publicity and viewership.  Scores of players have demanded transfers and moves over the years in order to secure the signature of a team who […]

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A Determined Soccer Player Can Never Take It Easy


The moment a soccer player gets too comfortable is the time when their career is in major jeopardy of peaking.  Part of the thrill of a soccer player’s life is the new experiences, challenges, and triumphant accomplishments along the way.  However, until you win the World Cup and earn Man […]

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Should You Let Little Kids Beat You in Soccer?


Whenever you play against a little kid in the game of soccer, you always kind of want to let them win.  Sure, you could dominate them the entire game and ruin their day, even tossing them aside as you muscle through their pathetic defense en route to a glorious goal!  […]

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Keep Your Soccer Player Warm as the Weather Grows Cold


As we enter these cold months of winter, there is as much a focus on player health as there is for soccer development.  I mean, how much training is a young kid really going to put in if they have to battle a troublesome cold for 2 weeks?  A soccer […]

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