Recreating Custom Artwork: United States Military Academy

Customers sometimes have a real vision of their logo that they want printed to customize their soccer jerseys. Cadet Aubrey Boswell from the United States Military Academy had such a vision. Unfortunately, sometimes that logo isn’t in a camera ready format for us to generate a great quality print.  Aubrey and her classmates had developed a hand drawn logo for their class jerseys. It’s a cool logo and you can see it below.

Original Hand Drawn Artwork

The great news is that we have an artist on staff to convert this logo into a usable format. Recreating a logo and digitizing it for printing is a service we provide for just $25. We also provide you with the three most common formats via email when the process is complete: Illustrator, pdf and jpeg. If you need it in the future, you’ll have access to it.

And here is what our terrific artist Dina was able to generate into a printable, camera ready piece of artwork for Aubrey’s Hudson soccer jerseys. You’ll see that the entire image is completely black (not varying shade of black) and everything has been smoothed out to ensure a great quality print on the jerseys.

Digital "Camera Ready" Artwork

Even with having to create the artwork from scratch, Cadet Boswell and her classmates received their custom soccer jerseys in two weeks.